Our team includes young professionals with great experience in different fields of biology. All the researches are graduates of the leading universities in Russia (SPbSU, RSHU and etc.), with working experience both in Russia and abroad. The presence of experts of different fields allows us to carry out a wide range of biological and interdisciplinary studies.


  • Sampling with standard hydrobiological methods from vessels and diving;​

  • Underwater photo and video;

  • Analysis of quantitative samples:

       - macro-, meio- and megabenthos;
       - fish;
       - phytoplankton, zooplankton;

  • Parasitological examination (parasitological dissection, PCR-analysis);

  • Biochemical methods for qualitative and quantitative determination of lipids and fatty acid components (thin layer chromatography (TLC), high performance thin layer chromatography (HPTLC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas-liquid chromatography (GC)) of the Arctic fish;

  • methods of molecular biology (extraction, PCR, cloning, sequence analysis)

  • Study of forage components of fish and invertebrates;

  • Optical and electron microscopy;

  • Statistical data processing;

  • Sampling and processing of the data on physical parameters of water column by means of the equipment of Ysi (USA), Sea-Birds (USA), AANDERA (Norway), Onset (Norway).

Furthermore, our company provides various services in the field of environmental engineering and environmental monitoring.

Daria V. Nikishina

Benthos, seasonal dynamics of macrozoobenthic communities, climatic fluctuations, Arctic, Antarctica, structure of benthic communities, climate changes



Alexey A. Mirolubov

Parasitic crustaceans (Rhizocephala), ivertebrate morphology, parasitology


Anna S. Demchuk

Hydrobiology, diet of fish in coastal communities, three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.)


Anastasiia E. Bakhvalova

Fish and zooplankton ecology, fish diet, prey-predator interactions, lipid and fatty acid composition, marine ecosystems


Tatiana S. Panfilkina

Marine symbiotic and parasitic Alveolata (apicomplexans, dinoflagellates and relatives), genomics and evolution, White Sea fauna, diving 


Yury A. Zuyev

Bottom communities, benthos, megabenthos, costal communities, fish nutritive base, enviromental press, climate changes


Olga V. Kniazeva

Protistology, arctic benthic Foraminifera ecology, benthic Foraminifera communities in polar fjords


Nataliya V. Polyakova


Nadezhda A. Filippova

Marine ecosystems; Marine Benthos; Polychaetes; Structure and dynamics of benthic communities; Statistical analysis; Multivariate analisis.


Vladimir A. Krapivin


Darya Y. Krupenko

Morphology, life cycles, fauna of parasitic flatworms; muscle system of lower invertebrates; parasitology; marine biology


Boris D. Efeykin

Parasitology, nematodes, hairworms, acari, lice, molecular zoology, taxonomy, phylogeography, microevolution, bioinformatics


Fedor V. Kobekov


Armando Macali


Anton A. Kovalev

 Ecophysiology thermophysiology, pathophysiology, marine biology, invertebrates



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